New Perspectives on

the Man and his Message

The first biography to present the complete and comprehensive story of Krishnamurti’s life in America.  A new perspective on his life and his teaching.  A story of love and betrayal, lawsuits and enlightenment, passion and transcendence.

An Uncommon Collaboration

David Bohm was a theoretical physicist of the highest order, a revolutionary contributor to the foundations of quantum mechanics.  His quarter-century collaboration with Krishnamurti represented the most profound and meaningful chapter of his life.  How the two men engaged with one another illuminates the substance of their work and their personalities.

The Unconditioned Mind

The Oak Grove School was the last school founded by Krishnamurti, and his only school in America.  It formed the pinnacle of his educational endeavors, but it had a complex and turbulent development.  The author was intimately involved as the first teacher hired and as director of the school, the position he held at the time of Krishnamurti’s death.  This is the story of the intersection of Krishnamurti’s educational philosophy with the concrete realities of students, parents, and teachers.

INTERVIEW: Krishnamurti In America | Dr. David Edmund Moody
interviewed by Craig Walker

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Who was J. Krishnamurti?

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an author, educator, and public speaker for almost seventy years.  He traveled around the world, giving talks to large audiences with no charge for admission and no organization to join.  His talks addressed fundamental issues of daily life with a revolutionary new way of understanding psychology and human relationship.

Krishnamurti rejected any form of authority for purposes of self-understanding.  He said he was not a guru and was not offering any special knowledge, method, or system for psychological transformation.  However, he described a deep and comprehensive set of observations and insights into consciousness and the human condition.  He said individuals must understand themselves through their own direct awareness of their thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

Krishnamurti was born in Madanapalle, a small town in southern India, in 1895.  In his early life, he was identified by the Theosophical Society as a great spiritual teacher, but in 1929 he broke away from the Society and pursued his own course of action.  He said “truth is a pathless land,” and that no religious organization can bring about psychological freedom.

Krishnamurti first came to America in 1922.  At that time, his younger brother, Nityananda, was suffering from tuberculosis, and they had been told that the Ojai Valley in Southern California had a healthful, healing climate.  A few weeks after they arrived, Krishnamurti experienced a psychological or spiritual event underneath a young pepper tree located next to his cottage.  The photograph at the left shows that tree in its maturity, many years later.

Krishnamurti founded several thriving schools in India, as well as the Brockwood Park secondary school in England.  In 1975, he founded the Oak Grove School in Ojai, his only school in America.  Today, Oak Grove serves over two hundred elementary and secondary students on a large and beautiful campus in the heart of the Ojai Valley.

Krishnamurti is the author of several dozen books, including his personal journals as well as transcripts of his many public talks and dialogues.  His work is easily accessible online and in audio and video formats available through the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.

 A few facts…

Krishnamurti was a lifelong vegetarian and never consumed alcohol or any drugs, including aspirin and caffeine.

He practiced yoga for its physical benefits and he took long, vigorous walks almost every day.

Krishnamurti was close friends for many years with Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and forty-seven other books.

When he was a young man, Krishnamurti met George Bernard Shaw, who declared he was “the most beautiful human being” he ever met.


He liked to read detective novels for fun and relaxation.



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