An Uncommon Collaboration

David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti


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David Bohm was a theoretical physicist who made revolutionary contributions to quantum mechanics, cosmology, and the philosophy of science.  His work in physics led directly to his interest in Krishnamurti, due to similarities in some of their basic principles, especially the close relationship between the observer and the observed.

The two men worked together for more than two decades and engaged in dozens of recorded dialogues together.  These dialogues were published in a series of books, including Truth and Actuality, The Limits of Thought, and The Ending of Time.  Their last published work together was The Future of Humanity.

An Uncommon Collaboration describes the independent careers of both men before turning to the substance of their mutual explorations.  The nature and quality of their personal relationship is also examined, especially with reference to its effect on Bohm’s attitudes and states of mind. 

Bohm continued his study of consciousness after Krishnamurti’s death.  One of his last books was Thought as a System, in which he expresses the views he developed with Krishnamurti with his own highly original language and colorful metaphors.

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